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With the rapid development of the company, the localization of transformers authorized by RoMan Company in the United States has been recognized by the majority of users. Medium Frequency Resistance Welding Machine and Integrated Medium Frequency Spot Welding Machine

It has been widely used in aerospace, automobile, transportation and household appliances industries.

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Shanghai Medar Welding Equipment Co., Ltd.
        Shanghai Medar Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. is a Sino-American Joint-venture invested by WTC/MEDAR (Group) Company, RoMan Manufacturing Incorporation, Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd.. Shanghai Medar, which mainly develops high-tech products, specializes in all kinds of resistance welding control , transformer and special welding equipment,etc. We have complete manufacturing line, advanced processing technique, good technical ability and perfect test equipment.
        Since the year of 1993 when Shanghai Medar was established, with the principle of"enterprise development and domestic industry blossom" and the tenet of "first consideration of quality and customer"......